For All We Know

Stories, stories everywhere. Especially here.     This   Everything catches my eye: spent blossoms of blue plumbago in a small tidy heap vivid beneath grass-green leaves and its whip-like stems a man, stopped mid-stride on a sidewalk, debating with air the time and its demons, ragged clothing aflap on his livewire frame Nostalgic for … Continue reading For All We Know

Winged Creatures

In myth and lore, winged creatures mark endings or transitions. A butterfly, the passage of the soul from one plane to another. Moths were the ancestors' eyes upon their people. Birds, the messengers of the gods.     Sorrow   Birds appeared after your last time. A flight stood at windows, clustered on the grounds. … Continue reading Winged Creatures

PastPresentFuture (3)

People love to wolf long and loud about what they would or wouldn’t do in a situation. They talk about killing or maiming anyone who threatens them. Or sometimes they say they’d kill themselves before they’d let a particular thing happen to them. Ahh, but life isn’t always that cut-and-dried. Mostly it’s survival and doing … Continue reading PastPresentFuture (3)