It’s On

I’m back to writing poems based on #chenchenwritingprompts. Tonight’s poem, lucky #13, is based on the following:

7: Write about fall without using the words fall, autumn, leaf/leaves/leaving, tree(s), cold, dark, pumpkin, witch, gold, fiery, rain, cloud.

You MUST use the word smoothie and at least two exclamation points.

No em dashes, though.

Wish me luck.

Poem: Smoothies Should Only Be For Drinking!

Smoothies Should Only Be For Drinking!

Nowadays spiced smoothies
are also face masks!
But the orange gourds dancing
across the tubes stocked
under fluorescent light
are so much better suited
for stews, pies, savories
than coffee or beauty potions.
Rather let’s celebrate
each year’s cool gloaming
by watching early sunsets
ablaze and luminous.
Let’s walk hand in hand
past the heavy suns
aloll on church lawns,
saffron-skinned rulers
deigning to allow us audience.

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