In Translation

Language fascinates me, the translation of thought into sound. Languages, mellifluous and variable, even more.  I think of how in moving from language to language you find that no word can be translated one for one. Something, some nuance or portion of thought, is always left behind. Poem: Multilingual Multilingual we tongue mother wordsroll them … Continue reading In Translation

Hips Don’t Lie

Tonight’s #chenchenwritingprompts has me delving into Lucille Clifton’s poems. I can’t think of a better place to start my own. 37: For brilliant examples of happy poems, read Lucille Clifton’s “new bones,” “homage to my hips,” and “won’t you celebrate with me.”Read all of Lucille Clifton’s poems.from Craft Chaps Vol. 1 (Sundress Publications) by Chen … Continue reading Hips Don’t Lie

It’s On

I’m back to writing poems based on #chenchenwritingprompts. Tonight’s poem, lucky #13, is based on the following: 7: Write about fall without using the words fall, autumn, leaf/leaves/leaving, tree(s), cold, dark, pumpkin, witch, gold, fiery, rain, cloud. You MUST use the word smoothie and at least two exclamation points. No em dashes, though. Wish me … Continue reading It’s On