Curses, Foiled Again

Do you have any idea how much that stings?” 

The latest message in my Submittable queue brought that Men In Black quote to mind. A Dear Jane letter from the literary organization, Fear No Lit; my application for their Submerging Writer Mentorship had been rejected. 

I knew that the odds weren’t in my favor. As they said in their message, “[n]arrowing down 670 applications to 10 semi-finalists was a very difficult task.” But still, it stings so bad to see a chance for “chapbook publication, prize money, and more” slip through one’s fingers. 

Time to focus on happier news. Tonight’s poem is #166 since April 1 this year. And my latest Writers Den interview – with author Jamie Ford no less –  is live.

Poem: Self-Portrait


Think: you are the sun
light hungry they tendril
close enough to bask

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I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


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