Flip and Reverse

So tonight I’m going to flip and reverse how I address the excerpt from Aracelis Girmay’s poem, “Jacaranda” per @chenchenwrites’ craft chapbook instructions: “10: Consider these lines from Aracelis Girmay’s poem, “Jacaranda”: I do not knowwhat happens to a body when it stops.But tell me a story that did not begin with love. In five … Continue reading Flip and Reverse

Survey Says, I Say

Did you know armpits and armpit hair can speak? At least, they can in my poetry. And they’re just a mite testy. Tonight’s poem got its start from two sources: poet @ChenChenwrites’ craft chapbook- prompt #6:  Write from your armpits. Write from your armpit hair. - and Roxane Gay and Tressie McMillan Cottom’s Hear to … Continue reading Survey Says, I Say

Odd, Odder, Oddest

Koala fingerprints are indistinguishable from human fingerprints. Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. There are taste buds in other places besides your tongue. Poem: And Now For Something Completely Different And Now For Something Completely Different You have breathed 20,000 times today but did not consider the time between each one. Want to know … Continue reading Odd, Odder, Oddest