One Set Place

Next week, I’ll receive a service award from the city where I live. As of May 8th this year, I’ve worked at the city’s main library for 35 years. I’m nothing if not steady.

Today novelist Nathan Englander appeared on PBS Newshour’s In My Humble Opinion. He talked about the sacredness of ritual, makom kavua, or “one set place” and writing. After watching Englander’s IMHO spot, MC, a faithful reader who also values steadiness, gave me the supreme compliment of thinking of me and my writing. She said “ (h)e could have been describing you”. That means as much to me as the service award I’ll get next week.

Thanks, MC (and all of you who read my work on the net and through social media), for following me on this writing journey.

Poem: Makom Kavua

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Tip for Today’s Poem: Makom Kavua

I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


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