So much depends on proximity. The third show in U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith’s new podcast, The Slowdown, concerns itself with this idea. The poem, Proximities, by Lia Purpua meditates on how we move in and out spaces that become notorious for what seems to be our current national pastime — public shootings.

But not all proximities are negative. Great creativity and expansive acts of humanity also are spawned by the company we keep and the places we frequent.

I am embracing the positive possibilities inherent in being where I am right now. I’m being encouraged to spread my writing wings and enjoy every minute of it. With that said, my daily poems are coming to an end. But don’t despair, I’m not giving up writing poetry, just making room for more writing. I’ll be posting poems once a week — on Wednesdays — and I hope you will continue to follow me on my writing path. New things are coming. If you want to keep up with all of my new goings on, click here.





You get stuck on how to begin
cannot imagine where you slot in
and it takes over. That’s where
the magic happens, you think.
You are closer to the truth than
you know. Doors open at your hands,
promiseland to the engine behind
the smoke. In the mirror waiting,
you find the magician: you.


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I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


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