Thanks to @awpwriter, Diane Zinna Pettyjohn, and my #AWPW2W mentor, Callista Buchen, I’m about to enter new writing territory. In December, I’ll be immersing myself in my poems, trying to uncover the themes and voices in my work. All in the hopes of creating a manuscript. One that (fingers crossed) sings.

Callista told me to print out all of my poems, tape them up on a wall, and spend time evaluating them. See how they relate to one another. She said their patterns – my patterns – will become clear. That I would know which poems best fit together. Almost like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

I so appreciate that way of approaching manuscript creation. It takes a lot of my writing imposter fear out of the process.  I’m thinking now that I can do this. #awpmentorship #awpw2w





She tries to imagine being ready.
Tries to believe the words will be there,
in her mouth. Waiting for their moment
to be free. She walks the stage, knows
the warp of each floorboard. Knows too
where she must stand as the heavy
curtain rolls skyward. The lights, sharp
and revealing, fall on her there, alone
upon the stage. She will trust they will
give up their secrets, out there in the open.


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I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


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