I wept listening to the news today.

Years ago I stopped listening to the news for a while. I instead gave myself over to laughter wherever it found me. Somehow I forgot the peace that gave me. So, I’m saying no again to the news and its attendant miseries.

I’m saying yes to joy.




Our lives are what we fill them with. Kaveh Akbar


she skips a bumblebee’s
path across the carpet
of green    arms flung open
she sings    until she cannot
ignore the invitation of this
lap of earth    she sprawls
across it     each blade of grass
buoying her up   honeyed
air a warm tickle on her skin
the sky plays a flickering
movie of shadow and light
on her closed eyes    her belly
full      she cannot hold it any
longer     she lets the wind carry
her laughter wherever it will


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