Wonderful, Marvelous

Ah, prompts. Such wonderful tools for poets. This one happens to be editor Robert Lee Brewer’s kickoff  prompt for Writer’s Digest November PAD (poem a day)  for 2018:

For today’s [November 1] prompt, write a glorious poem. Often, I like to pull up definitions to understand the possibilities of a word prompt. In this case, it’s maybe just as useful to look at its synonyms, which include wonderful, marvelous, illustrious, celebrated, famous, superb, spectacular, lovely, delightful, and I think you get the idea. So let’s get this poem party started with a glorious first effort.





is this thing    here    between us

me thinking     outloud 
on paper    screen    audio

about hands like birds
airy and supple

about a fox
her tender ears tipped black

and you
           my reader    my confidante


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I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


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