Did you know that man is the only mammal that willingly delays sleep?  Hmm, I’m not so sure it’s all willingly, you know? See, sleep and me gots a fractious relationship.





You ain’t the boss of me.
No matter that
you make me stop, start, stop.
I am not your wind-up toy.
No matter that
I raise my hand to turn a page
and lights dim then brighten.
I find the hand, my hand,
still aloft mid-gesture.
I am not your tinman, rusted.
You are not my oil.
I call you thief, stealing
seconds at my desk    I’m deep
into dates, email    phone in hand
quarter-hours, hours     all out
of turn.  Your time is night but
power has gone to your head.
So get this straight: you ain’t
the boss of me. You ain’t the


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