Away from Safety

After so many years of running (and writing) away from poetic form, I’m finally beginning to explore more structure. Tonight I spoke with Callista Buchen, my #awpw2w mentor, about a few of my poems and discovered one of them was a cento, a form I hadn’t even been aware of. So let’s dive (sort of) into yet another form, a dizain. It’s a 10 x 10 French form – a 10-line stanza with 10 syllables per line following a ababbccdca rhyme scheme. I’m going to fudge the rhyme scheme for now. I’ll come back to it in another poem. I swear.  #awpmentorship





She read books for stability, comfort
wrapped in a beginning and an end.
For her, the days flirted too lawlessly
with disorder, all veritable games –
52-pickup, of Chutes and Ladders.
Who cares, she thought, if everything turns
from Technicolor to sepia-tinted
away from the stark angle of sunlight.
She could see the words better in the murk.
Nothing casted a shadow, not even her.   

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