Trash your idea of our solar system. Nothing is as it seems. There may be a Goblin in our midst. Or more technically, a new extreme dwarf planet 2015 TG387.

Never be seduced into thinking we humans know everything. To quote Shakespeare, “There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Just saying.




Imagine the dead here / as bits of dust
from On Mars in The Bloody Planet by Callista Buchen


Imagine this rockling sharing the same
solar system as us

layer after layer of it formed by the dust
of our ancestors

by us all           the flakes of skin dropped

borne by the four winds to the ends of Earth
to the space beyond

those bits of us: from our faces, the scruff
of necks          tossed off in the nighttime

ritual of scraping calluses this living forms
on our most mobile parts

I imagine my mother is there        traveled in death
the way she could not alive

what part of her is there I’m not sure       what part
of the rocky terrain was seeded

by the windsome casting of her minutiae       I gaze
upon the stars searching for this planet

convinced I will recognize in the mica-strewn
ground the spark of her gaze

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