I can finally talk about my exciting writing news. I’ve been chosen to be a mentee in AWP’s Writer to Writer Mentorship Program for Fall 2018. I am one of 26 writers chosen from 270 applicants to participate in this program. For the next three months, my mentor, Callista Buchen, and I will work on creating a poetry manuscript (from poetry selection to publication submissions) and the psychology behind the entire process. Callista has published two poetry chapbooks and has an upcoming poetry book, Look Look Look (Black Lawrence Press, 2019). Thanks for sharing in this exciting development in my writing career with me!  I have so much planned for the future. It’s all gravy from now on.  #awpw2w #awpmentorship




Pour It On

No other word will do. For that’s what it was.
Gravy, these past ten years.
Pure Gravy. And don’t forget it.

from Gravy by Raymond Carver


The house alarm keeps going off.
In the middle of our dreaming,
in the middle of the afternoon
and you elbow deep in paint
making our nest beautiful from the street.
Beautiful as we see it from our perch inside.

And now my clothes pinch at the waist,
hug at places the world can’t handle.
This black woman strong-bodied,
voluptuous, you say, in just the way
you like, your hand skimming down
my flesh to find its perfect spot to press.

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