I love my job.

Monday, I booked authors for my library.  Authors Wiley Cash and Crystal Wilkinson are coming to visit us in early 2019.  I’m so excited.

And yesterday, good news for me. I’m still reeling.  I’ll share my news tomorrow. 2018 has been a great year for my writing life.

All of these things serve to remind me: none of us are islands, whole and entire on our own. We are amalgams of influence and our influencers. What we say and do, what is said and done reaches far beyond any life we can imagine.



She That

“Shit, we’re all consequences of something.”
from Corregidora by Gayl Jones.


All these years the same town
living      working      growing up

a kind of accountability
so many eyes watching

do a thing    people look slantwise

she Barbee’s daughter
Miss Barbara her mama

only sometimes they say

she one of Edward’s
only rarely    she Easy’s girl

nowadays    do a thing    they say

we know who she is
she that library lady


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