Ars Poetica

I didn’t start writing creatively until junior high. And then I wrote only one poem which I fear stole too freely from Earth, Wind & Fire. The poem, if I remember correctly, delved into how we all were one in a mawky overdone tone. [If anyone finds that poem, I apologize.] I started up again (and stopped) just at the end of high school.

In my 20s, I took up words again and never let them go. So what if it was to impress a man who made his living as a writer. Whatever the genesis, the words are solely mine now.



Ars Poetica


I ring, hollowed out
from the arc of a phrase,
a sequence of letters.

In the work of will and word
I consign hope and faith
of a better world, a better me.

Drop by drop, I pour myself
into a new distillation.


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I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


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