Future Reading

Poet & Writers magazine offers this writing prompt:

What kind of story would you write for someone reading it one hundred years from now? Write a short story with the notion that it won’t be read for one hundred years. While imagining a future generation of readers, explore themes involving time, eternity, and mortality.

I substitute a poem for a short story.





When you read this, I am in the room.
Mouth shaping each consonant as you speak.
I wince a little at the hesitation in your voice
right here. You wonder why you should read
with this coaching from a person not here. Who
knows if she is dead or in another room perspiring
lightly, wondering at you the reader.


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If you like tonight’s poem, why not leave a tip through the link below:

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I really liked Brenda’s poem and want her to continue writing great poems.


2 thoughts on “Future Reading

    • pinacasa7 says:

      Oh my God, Mary! Thank you sooo much. I had second thoughts about posting a tip link. I wasn’t sure if anyone would give money for my poetry writing experiment. You have proven my mother right. Ask if you want/need something and you just might get it. But you can’t if you don’t/never ask. If you’ve got an idea for a poem, tell me. Who knows, it may be just the writing prompt I need. Hmm, that gives me an idea… More later.


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