From the Void, Flowers

What can I say but thank you?

As I write this, I am surrounded by tools, good and right tools, for a writer: Blackwing 602 pencils (a favorite that inspires poetry), a Blackwing sharpener and erasers, two Tools to Liveby leather pencil caps and a journal whose pages feel like a most sumptuous satin.  Of course, having perfect tools around moves me to write but the best writing inspiration is people. I write to connect with people. The notes (and those perfect tools) I’ve received this week let me know I’ve succeeded.

Thank you KB and MC for your encouragement and support. Thank you CV for finding this writing journey as perplexing and exciting as I do–one word at a time.




for kb and mc

joy unexpected
blessed sisters deliver
pencil paper gift


Creation Tanka

for CV, KB and MC
after Isaiah 55:10-11

it is said, essence
flows outward changing
as it goes: from word
to voice, flesh into power
all return not void, but in flower

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