Word Love

Typing is the next best thing to playing the piano. Or in my case, it’s better than playing the piano. The feel of the keys, words appearing on paper or screen. I get to experience a faint reflection of how God must’ve felt when She created the first human.



Word Love


It was inevitable
my writing
she gave me
the best beginning
words spilling across
me as I lay ready for sleep
ready for the scaffolding
to make my dreaming
decoded the shapes
alive on the page
she gave me
the first typewriter
nestled in its gray case
I was in love
the poems and stories
came after the next
typewriter, sleek and electric
so many years later
other keyboards and screens to peer into
like the best oracles
the third typewriter
came from the news
that I write, am writing
that I am unraveling
this ode to words and her
it was inevitable

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