I must be a frustrated schoolgirl at heart. Tonight’s homework – err, I mean – blog post and poem comes from IWWG’s TGIF Writing Prompt:

“In honor of this literary foremother, and in honor of submitting your work boldly! […], let’s write a piece (prose or verse) by launching off, or writing toward, or inserting midstream, a quote from Jane Eyre.  Remember to credit Charlotte Brontë with an epigraph.”




(after Charlotte Bronte)

he wakes, gathers for the coming day

in the midst of combing and brushing
himself into a thing passing for human
he stills long enough to catalog
another droop      another furrow
an ingrained weariness
across the shoulders

the familiar anger flares
abruptly he turns from the reflection
he cannot face       this ever present failure
so far from the measure of perfection
haunting his dreams    the same ones
that bring her voice to him

You are human and fallible
but you are enough.

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