All the Feels

144 + 1 = 145.

Tonight’s entry is the “+ 1” in the above equation. The “144” represents the number of poems I’ve written since April 1 of this year.

Flabbergasted. Astounded. And just so damn proud. If you’d told me on New Years’ Eve I’d have 145 new poems before my birthday this year, I’d have told you to not make up fairy tales. But here we are.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I’ve got lots of new things (and not just poetry) up my sleeve. I hope you’ll stick around for it.

All the Feels

you, a cocoon of quilted cloth
jeweled-toned against the bone couch
wet pewter sky leaning at a distance
all the rain’s roaring muted
a backdrop and spotlight
to the tabby curled lap-wise
his cleopatra eyes half-mast
at your petting hand’s weight

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2 thoughts on “All the Feels

  1. rebeccahunterwriter2015 says:

    Wonderful, and congratulations on 145!!! I can’t wait to see those other projects, too. 🙂
    And I love this: “wet pewter sky” – the image gave me the chills.


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