I read the following quote on Twitter today: “A person is a plural and simultaneity carrying and carried by our Befores—the named and unnamed, species of ourselves and our others.” – Aracelis Girmay.

While I’m not sure if Aracelis Girmay actually said this, I grapple with this idea or concept every day. My thoughts tune themselves to the past – who walked here before me,  what happened to them – and to the future – who will benefit from whatever good I can manage before I die, will they love to read and share and laugh. It’s this #pastpresentfuture that haunts me.






see her, hips rounded like a pear
rounded like mine, blackbrown as earth
the swaying bounce of her step muted
enough, she prays, to pass unnoticed
she will fight to keep her body hers
a fight she knows she cannot win


[Stanzas ii. and iii. will continue tomorrow.]


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