Missed Connection

Did you know that Craigslist has a section for missed connections? I read the ads of people hoping to connect after they’ve met but were too shy or otherwise unable to exchange contact details.  It all makes me think of my own missed connection with a robber in a Howard Johnson’s in New York City when I was 10.



Missed Connection

We didn’t talk, barely catching
each other’s eye. It was in passing
we shared the same space.
Despite the hard and hurried
touch at my elbows, your hands
were surprisingly gentle when you
moved me from harm’s way.

I was young, too young, I admit,
to entertain any thought of us.
And you? You had a head only
for business. There was a job
to do and precious little time 
to get it done. It wasn’t me, I swear, 
shouting “Stop!” at your back.

From the first, I marked you in transit.
What should I call our almost meeting?
A robbery would be too obvious.
A missed kidnapping? Call it
whatever you will. After all
of this time, do you think of me?

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