“Write a poem giving thanks to a poet or to writing a poem a day. Use a line from one of the poems you wrote this month to either begin or end it.” from Writing Prompts by Kelli Russell Agodon –




Gratitude to a Fellow Poet

           to Belle Waring’s Saudade


I’ve discovered the secret:
a good thing bears repeating.

So I borrow lines from others
let their sensible work shore up my own.

You smell like castile soap, thin
alkaline scent of babies’ hair,
and the reek of black tobacco.

All of a sudden, Belle, your words
bring a beloved uncle to life.

My words spill across pages.       His brindled
Butch stands before me, panting 

lightly, eager for my petting. I hear
the small cigars in Jesse’s rasp

as he calms me, tells me the dog
broad-shouldered and strong

only wants attention. I lean back
against his chest, away from the rows

of large teeth, mouth yawningly dark.
I scramble onto his lap, the only safe

place. Burrow my face into the prickle
of his face, into the crook of his neck.

His laughter wraps tight as his arms
around me and I am home.

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