Spice of Life

I just read the following tweet from Kaveh Akbar :

What is something that delights you about your own poems? What do you love in them?

And Rachel Zucker replied:

They don’t need to be loved. They don’t care what anyone thinks about them. I care what the world thinks about my poems but the poems don’t feel shame or pride. I envy them. I hate them for this. I love them for this.

I thought about a favorite poem of mine, Larry Levis’ The Poem You Asked For, which spoke of one of his poems that took on life. A very tough life.

And of course, I thought of my own work.


Spice of Life


I write only one poem.
She only looks like many.
She is mistress of disguise,
likes to flaunt her taste for variety
but not too loudly,
she’s a lady after all.

She knows her own mind
never hesitates to speak it
using the right word
at the right time, whether
it be Hebrew, Spanish or Geechee.

She wears lines draped
matched strands of pearled
wisdom. She slinks through
rooms full of smoky dreams
desire, sorrow dogging
her paced steps.

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