Super Duper

I am a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) and periodically they send out writing prompts. Here’s one they sent the other day:

Where, or for whom, are you a superhero in your world? What are your superpowers?  In prose or verse, write a portrait about your superhero self, using third-person pronouns (she, her), as Randall does, so that you’ll feel more emboldened to brag about or poke fun at yourself!

They’re referring to Jessy Randall’s “Superhero Pregnant Woman” poem.



Super Duper

She’s no superhero.
No cape, no powers out of the ordinary.

She can’t leap tall buildings or fly.
In fact, she has problems walking.
The vertigo, you know
and we won’t mention
the whole clumsiness thing.

She’s no superhero. 
Unless you count
how easy she is to talk to

how she’s the one person it’s okay
to ugly cry in front of

how you can be silent with her
and not feel awkward

how she’s the one you know
will understand the part you feel
most ashamed of and make you welcome.

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