Voice as Mirror

I’m appropriating a fiction writing prompt from Sarabande books and adapting it to my own purposes:

When in your life has someone commented on the way you sounded? Maybe you moved to a new town and got teased for your accent, or maybe your voice changed before those of the other guys in Jr. High, or maybe a lover once told you s/he called “just to hear the sound of your voice.”


Voice Reflected

He loved talking with me
said it was best when I was sick
even better if we were face to face

I was glad he told me this
over the phone       when he couldn’t
see my face in that moment

a summer cold lent my voice a sultry
deepened rasp, that he’d listen to all
day, he told me, his own voice eager

hours later and still I felt stripped
the shivers I felt down my back, I told
myself, came only from illness, nothing more

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