It Figures

Today started out not perfect but perfectly ordinary. It started, though, with a break from my routine. Heart open, I greeted people and moved through the day. I spoke of the love with which I’ve been gifted, voice full of humbled gratitude, and felt blessed. But life is full of currents, eddies, and switchbacks. No matter how the day started, it ended turning routine on its ear. It ended with negatives, though not a large occurrence and not with violence. It ended with an ordinary loss — a Samsung tablet, a sleek charger festooned with artist caricatures, and a composition book with the beginnings of my novel-in-progress. I lost track of my belongings in my library’s parking lot and have not recovered them.

I am mournful for what could have been and for what I must rebuild.


It Figures


with so much to carry
it’s no wonder that something
gets dropped or falls away        unnoticed
days accumulate like so many
wishes stacked, teetering
with so few days on this earth
it’s a surprise we find our way home

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