A Day in the Life

In the 80s, photographer Rick Smolan launched a photo essay experiment. He invited photographers to take photos of different countries over a 24 hour period. The books that resulted were a series called A Day in the Life.

It was fascinating to see what happened in the countries showcased in a day. Each time a book came out my library co-workers and I would eagerly gather around it, mesmerized at what was the same as and what was different from our own lives.  

A Day

I rolled my eyes at your bowl full
to the brim with milk, bananas
the suggestion of cereal bobbing
like so much debris
the aftermath of breakfast

early afternoon we strolled
the lakeside park  encountering
people here, there      scattered
like eager birds after crumbs

as any respecting adult will do
we binge-watched shows
helmed by intrepid journalistas
finding the perfect masala:
adventure, culture, people-watching

after learning how to flirt in China
the African ways marriage and love diverge
the bodies were too much

like so much cordwood, some pristine
so many more not, stacked around
the edges of the room, stacked
bunk-bed fashion at floor’s center

claimed or unclaimed made no
difference          they were all of one
flesh, all alike in death

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