“Anything that you work on, if you’re being honest, shows your personality in it.” — Brad Meltzer from What We Can Learn From Multi-Genre Authors.

Writing can be a frightening proposition. Especially when you think that everything “we (writers) write is an extension of us”.  Worry about revealing too much or, worse (?), not creating an interesting enough piece to engage readers can bring on a bad bout of writer’s block. The best way to combat that is to use it (fear, love, hate, happiness) as grist for our writing mill. Anything and everything is fodder for a writer’s work.




It is why the word
circles my brain in endless loops
a voice speaking it
folding into myth and longing
I recognize the pattern
which coddles the number 7
stitches it to dreaming,
into the effortlessness
of running, feeling my body
reach and slide for home plate
just to hear the word safe
in the arms of those who made me:
mother, brother, husband
givers of solid ground
I tamp it all into place
shape my self into marks
upon the page
voice in the world


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