“I’m unhappy with happy endings where we think we may have learned something comfortably.” — Anthony Bourdain from Prime Cuts, Season 7
Tonight the Mister and I binge-watched Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Nostalgia about our own trip to Italy a few years back lured us to watch an episode about Southern Italy, Puglia. That episode bled into another and three episodes later we were still watching.

Of course, watching Bourdain made us wonder about him and the pain that led to his recent death. The Mister said, as he always does about human suffering, “ Someone somewhere will always have it worse.”  And I countered as I always do with “just because someone else is suffering, doesn’t negate your suffering. It just means we all are in pain. Life is not a case of pain upmanship.”




I am certain of nothing. — a tattoo on Anthony Bourdain’s arm


she waded in fighting, lips pulled into a snarl
it was her last resort when words fell short
and his refusal to look them in the eye failed
bloodlust too high for them to walk away

in the end, all he saw was her back
before him a fleshly angel of vengeance
bullies dispatched for only that moment
to search for another easier prey



it was blasphemy
she knows yet still her threats
rise from her deepest self
a call for wrongs made right
hoping for the chance
to answer her sin


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