“Anything that you work on, if you’re being honest, shows your personality in it.” -- Brad Meltzer from What We Can Learn From Multi-Genre Authors. Writing can be a frightening proposition. Especially when you think that everything “we (writers) write is an extension of us”.  Worry about revealing too much or, worse (?), not creating … Continue reading Neverending


“I’m unhappy with happy endings where we think we may have learned something comfortably.” -- Anthony Bourdain from Prime Cuts, Season 7 Tonight the Mister and I binge-watched Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Nostalgia about our own trip to Italy a few years back lured us to watch an episode about Southern Italy, Puglia. That episode … Continue reading Upmanship

Mistaken Identity

Three days within three weeks, I’ve encountered gossamer trails crossing my path. Thin pearlescent desire lines. I follow them to their creators -- elegant but slow moving mollusks -- which I’d taken at first glance to be leeches. A later realization marked them as slugs.   Mistaken Identity You, riding the wave a deliberate procession … Continue reading Mistaken Identity