Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Part 2)

Forty-nine years. All my remembered selves laid one atop the other and no longer fit. YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW ii. today a roller coaster rises shakily in the emptied midway its operator sports an uneven shave something dried smears red across his jaw wide-eyed riders herd onto train cars rusted to a stop safety restraints tangle … Continue reading Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Part 2)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Part 1)

In the everyday world, things change. Layers build up and soon the landscape is irrevocably altered. But not so much with internal time. We latch onto specific ages which become fulcrums for everything that comes after. Ask your spouse, a friend, even your co-worker if there’s a particular age they feel like they are. Ask … Continue reading Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Part 1)

Making It All Up

I’ve always been enamored with words and storytelling as evidenced by my poems, Logophile and Biting the Hand. My mother and older brother struggled to keep up with my insatiable demand for bedtime stories. In fact, my early reading ability came from that thirst. My mother simply insisted that I “read” my favorite (and memorized) … Continue reading Making It All Up


This is another prompt poem. Today’s NaPoWriMo post provides a list of lines and asks poets “to take one of the following statements of something impossible, and then write a poem in which the impossible thing happens”. Here’s my interpretation of their prompt; the NaPoWriMo statements are italicized:   Impossible stars cannot rearrange themselves forget speaking … Continue reading Impossible