Only I Can Say This

I’m back! And working my way through @ChenChenwrites craft book of writing prompts. Tonight’s poem, my 22nd of #chenchenwriting, is inspired by the following prompt: 34: Write the poem that is a critique of your last poem.Write the poem that is a critique of all your previous poems. from Craft Chaps Vol. 1 (Sundress Publications) … Continue reading Only I Can Say This


Ever been so sleep-starved that you hallucinate? I have. But what I wonder is, can anyone tell me why I always see spiders when I do? Poem: Sleep Deprivation Sleep Deprivation the inconvenience of itis what makes her angryweariness turning her body into slouched denimdraped wherever she fetchesup whenever she is quiet enough waiting for … Continue reading Lack

Ordinary Heaven

This is the time of year when I so appreciate living in Central Florida. Flowers blooming and sweet lake breezes. Heaven within reach. Poem: Ordinary Heaven Ordinary Heaven Rose, boxwood, iris, pansy. Feet are quiet in early evening.It’s the breeze’s fault, carrying awayhuman noise. But the birds are here,sounding their homecoming. Finally,they outnumber us, who … Continue reading Ordinary Heaven