It’s On

I’m back to writing poems based on #chenchenwritingprompts. Tonight’s poem, lucky #13, is based on the following: 7: Write about fall without using the words fall, autumn, leaf/leaves/leaving, tree(s), cold, dark, pumpkin, witch, gold, fiery, rain, cloud. You MUST use the word smoothie and at least two exclamation points. No em dashes, though. Wish me … Continue reading It’s On

Have a Heart

Do you believe in love? The rolled-up sleeves, dirt-under-fingernails, lift-a-car-off-a-person, offer-the-body-as-a-shield kind?  I do. Poem: How to Describe a Heart How to Describe a Heart seat of power a four-chambered fistfount of all possibilitythe world in working partscontrary vessel of muscular doubtheadwater of the sanguinelife’s foundry Want to know when I post next? Follow me … Continue reading Have a Heart

Every Story a Variation Beginning and Ending

Returning from Sunday dinner at my in-laws, I saw a glorious sunset. A spectrum of reds and oranges broken by dark smeared clouds, stretched across the horizon. I thought of the many sunsets (over 20 years worth) I’ve seen driving that bit of road between our towns and houses. All of those lives - my … Continue reading Every Story a Variation Beginning and Ending